[in the garden]

We had to get a new arbor in the back yard.  It is vinyl. We got it because our old metal one rusted and broke. It probably also broke partly because rose vines were heaped on top of it. I bet they were really heavy.

Mom got some pinestraw and is putting it out in the beds. She is also putting it in a vegetable garden that is behind our fence.

I have a small garden of my own, near one of the gates. I have a Carolina Jasmine vine there. It is really growing. Soon we may need an arbor for it! It has yellow blossoms when it blooms. It will bloom soon. If I get an arbor for my vine, I hope it doesn’t break!

Shout out to my Mom, the garden girl!

Hannah Banana


4 thoughts on “[in the garden]

  1. Hi Hannah, I’m glad to see you so well. We’re 39 days away from testing; I hope that all is well and your brother is in good shape and you too.

    Love Brenna
    Your Faithful Friend

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