[sticks and stones]

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” No, I think the true-to-life saying would have to be “Sticks and stones may damage my bones, but words can deeply scar me.” I got a scar from words once. That Sunday, I had been singing in the kids’ church band (which I am still part of after like 3 years) that day, and had evidently sparked jealousy in a girl older than me that I wasn’t really friends with. I was on the church playground, and she approached me and called me a bad name. Directly afterward, she said “just kidding.” But when that happens to you it makes you think “Am I really what she said? Is what she said true?” I was very, very upset about what happened, and that day has scarred me for years. I still had a grudge against the girl, and her approach to me that day blocked friendliness between me and her, even though she may not remember what happened or why.

But now I have forgiven her, even though she may not know, and even though we aren’t even in the same groups at church, I still smile at her instead of avoid her. But even though I have forgiven her now, I still have the scar on my heart, and I don’t know if it will ever go away. But God has helped me heal that scar, and I know I am not what she said I was. Have you ever had someone scar you with the words that they said? Has it hit you on that special spot on your heart, and pained you? When that happens, you try to block the scar, when you should bring it to God instead of hiding it, and he can heal that scar. You may have it forever, but he can heal the pain and restore your heart. God is always there to heal your scars, whether inward or outward, and he will help you be sure of yourself and who you are.


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