Easter. The time where we commemorate the biggest sacrifice ever given for us–when Christ died and rose again. Now Christ did not go willingly–He even begged God to find another way. Yet He told him “Not My will but Yours be done.” Then He died for us, laid three days in a tomb, and was resurrected! But the problem that many Christians make about Easter is that they think it is just a day for mourning; a day we mourn that Christ died for us. But it’s not just that–he was resurrected! He got the keys to death from Satan! Instead of just mourning, we should also rejoice that we are finally able to go to Heaven and spend eternity with Him! We shouldn’t mourn the dead that came to life again! Jesus is alive!

Keep this in mind as you have easter services and Easter celebrations: we mourn that Jesus died, but rejoice that He rose again! Have a good Easter Sunday, everyone!



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