[crush control]

I thought last night I would talk about crushes. I know, weird subject. But everybody has them or will have them at some point in their life. You may never become friends with them, or ever meet them, but you have a crush on them. I have, and as a human being, I can’t help it. It is part of what happens in your life. Now, it is okay to have a crush, just don’t let your crush take control of you. Don’t let him/her possess your mind every single second. It’s hard, I know, but you have to control what you think. When I get to thinking sometimes about this person, what I like to do is pray. Pray for their future, pray for their life, whether it involves you or not. Pray for the person that they will spend their life with. Then pray for the person you will spend your life with. And when you grow up, and find your partner in life, he/she will thank you for not getting drawn up with someone else but patiently waiting for the person God has planned for you.


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