[urgent–please pray]

My mother started to not feel well today, and we had to call an ambulance with only me and my brother home…I don’t know whether they will take her to the hospital or not, but please pray for her and our family.



7 thoughts on “[urgent–please pray]

  1. Dear God,
    I ask you touch upon Hannah’s mother. Heal her body. Whatever is wrong take it away. Heal her in Jesus’ name. Give Hannah’s family strength. In Jesus name.


      1. I will certainly. Do you mind if I do a post asking my followers to pray for your mom?

      2. Please, please do. I don’t know whether she will go the hospital or not….just keep praying for healing. And for me–being basically “in charge” of the house, the ambulance coming, and my dad not home yet really pounded on me and I’m still in tears even though my dad is home. Just please pray for us. Thank you.

  2. I will certainly be praying for your mom! I’m sure it is scary and hard for you as well, being the one in charge. I hope that she feels better very soon and won’t have to go to the hospital! I will be praying for you all!

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