Okay, guys. I will be blunt–I am pitiful on followers. Like, 4. And one of them is my mom. (love ya!) Seriously, I am really appreciative to those who follow my blog at all (I love you guys!), but–it’s a little pitiful to me. My little band of peoples. So I think I can do better than just 4 (no offense to those loyal followers out there following now). Here’s the deal: I get up to at least 10 followers, (I know, seems small, but compared to 4 it’s huge!) and I scrape up a little something-something to give away. One step at a time, up to 10. Then up to 15, I have another little giveaway, up to 20, and so forth. And so on, one step (or follower) at a time. You may say “Oh, whatever, she can manage on her own.” But if God is working through me on this tiny pitiful blog, if more people see this blog, more people get worked through. Now, I’m not saying you have to shout out on the streets “Go follow Hannah’s blog!!! GO DO IT NOW!!!!” I just want to take one small step at a time. And thank you to those who do become street crier–but I just want to spread the word one step at a time. And if you believe you can help in some way, please do, but I am not forcing you. Do what you think you want to. One way to help is I would appreciate your input about how I can possibly reach out to more people, or upgrade my blog a tad. Please help me do my best to help my little “Place” creep along a little bit faster, whether it is a big staging or a small suggestion for me. I love you guys, and thank you so So SO much for “listening” to my “speech.” ;) (yes it was long and tedious. You can stretch your legs now.)

Special shout-out to Britt, my newest follower! You’re amazing. :)


9 thoughts on “[okay….]

    1. ……????…..I don’t exactly know….advice, guest post, something that can help my blog stretch out a little further.

      1. I’ll try to get the word out. Well, when you get your button up and running I’ll put it on my blog.

  1. Hello Hannah- aww…thanks for the shoutout- that is so nice of you! Is it okay with you if I give you a shout out on my blog? You have such a nice blog here- people are missing out not following your blog. I’m sure you are inspiring so many people, they just might not be following you!! :) Thanks again!!

  2. Aw, I know how it is! Just keep posting good stuff like you have been, and soon you’ll get more followers. :) That’s what I did, and I have some more followers now.

    I just followed! :D

    ♥ Elizabeth

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