[you’ll never guess]

I have been SO inspired by everyone’s photo contests (and have entered, like, 3 or 4) that I want to do my own. Yes, I am hosting a photo contest. (!!!!!!) Now, I don’t know about who will participate or anything, and how it will turn out, but I’m giving it a shot.

Photo contest subject: Natural Hearts

I wanted to be unique, so I chose this–like my heart in the apple photo, I want you to find something naturally shaped into a heart and take a picture of it. Like you could shape a scarf into a heart, or find a heart-shaped flower or tree, or a wire trellis in your yard–just find something heart-shaped and take a photo.

Get the idea? Take a pic, post it, and comment the link. Now, since I don’t have an actual poll thingy on my blog, I will have you comment your vote when it is time to. I can then delete your vote so no one sees it.

Is everyone ready? GO! You have until next Friday the 11th to post your picture!


18 thoughts on “[you’ll never guess]

      1. Yes, I mean edit the photo, like crop and add my Gods Girlz Photography, and maybe change the color a bit.

      2. Well, try to keep the picture to its origional color–I do want to see the real picture. It makes it a little fairer that way. But you can add “Gods Girlz Photography” to it, and crop; just try to keep the color faithful.

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