[hey everyone]

Hey y’all! I’ve been getting so many new followers and readers–thank you guys! We’ll be getting close to our first giveaway soon, and I’m excited!!!! Many of you read my main blog, (this one) but I don’t think many of you know of my other devotional blog, Wishing Hearts. Go check it out! We have a devotional every weekday, and I put together a group of awesome authors, Godsgirlz1, Carrie, and starblaster181 to create awesome devotionals to start out your day. Go check it out below!!!!!



4 thoughts on “[hey everyone]

    1. Somehow it happened again….I actually posted this a while ago… :P Did it send you an email with the post? I had been editing posts so maybe something happened. :D

      1. Oh, that’s weird! I actually don’t get emails with your posts, I see them on my blogger dashboard. Huh, I don’t know why that happened. But, I enjoyed reading your post! :)

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