[kathryn’s writing challenge]

The challenge is to write a story from an animal’s point of view! So here is my entry.

(to be read in a meowy voice–make every O sound like an ow. It makes all the difference.)

[translated from cat to human, editing words in brackets] WHYYYYYYY!!!!! That annoying human forgot to changemy kitty litter again. And it’s stinky!! And she didn’t give me a treat. Oh well. So when I came in from outside today, and that stinking dog licked me all over. I had to groom for 2 whole minutes, and it was EXASPERATING. I just wanted to curl up in my kitty bed and sleep for a while! MeOW. [translated as meeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwweee]. And now that dratted hamster is running and running–its making my head spin!!!! I HATE living with all these pets. That snake especially–all that hissing and hissing and shaking it’s tail. I’m about to go kick it’s aquarium right now, to the best of my ability. [cats can’t kick] And that silly turtle–moving and crawling with nowhere to go other than the other side of the aquarium. I wish my servant [human] didn’t have so many pets….it’s so hard to be queen of pets that don’t respond!! All that turtle says when I tell him to do something is “ooooooooooohhhhhkkkkayyyyyyyyyy…….” The only loyal one is the dog–but all he says is “YES! YES! I WILL!! OMG IM SO EXCITEDDDDD!! [arf arf]”. It’s annoying. [cat stretches] Now leave me alone; you’ve heard my life story and now I want to sleep.


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