[a new award…for commenters]

So I know that when awards go out, they go to people with blogs, mostly, and those people pass on the award through blogs. But what about all the poor commenters that have no blogs, but still follow blogs, and comment, and DESERVE an award?? And those people who comment very often for you and keep you encouraged? Well, here it is, folks, the Commenter Award!

So what you do for this award is first award those commenters that always keep track of your blog that DON’T HAVE BLOGS. You can award as many as you like! I mean, what are we without them?

I award:


Now you may not always have many of these, but make sure this gets passed on as an ESSENTIAL part of the award.

Then award 5 people who have blogs that comment very often and always keep you encouraged. I award:

1. Godsgirlz1

2. Flower446

3. Britt

4. Elizabeth

5. Sierra

You are my people that most comment on my blog, and I am so encouraged by your sweet comments!!! You who were awarded who have blogs, I encourage you to pass this on to all your faithful commenters, especially the ones with no blog, to encourage them! They deserve so much, and so do you! Congratulations to everyone!


12 thoughts on “[a new award…for commenters]

  1. Thanks for awarding me, Hannah! I’ll certainly do it soon. :D

    BTW: I really think this is a good idea for an award, those faithful commenters who don’t have blogs never really get awards.

    1. I know–it’s so sad that they don’t get the recognition they deserve–the loyal commenters who are there to follow!!! That’s why I created the award for them so that we recognize how much they are to us.

  2. Thank you Hannah :) I’m working on a award post so I’ll just fit it right in! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)
    Philippians 4:8

    1. If you would like to take the award and pass it on to some of your commenters, feel free to do so, Rachel!

    1. I will email and contact you if I need the header at some point–first I nee to probably figure out my blog name and figure stuff out, but I will contact you if I need the header. Thanks!

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