[the REAL post]

I seriously need to do a real post–you guys are probably exasperated with me right now. So I am here to do a real post for you guyses. :D


I seriously need inspiration here.

{la de da de da}

{hum hum hum}


Okay, I’m just going to write. Please don’t comment a million times if I don’t make sense of anything. I AM GOING TO WRITE. Starting now.

Okay, starting NOW.

{deep sigh}

Alright, I’m throwing out some stuffs.

Do any of you have a favorite quote or something? Just wondering…….


So I want all of you to comment a favorite quote you have from someone, and guess what?? I will make you buttons with the quote on them for your blogs!!! Yes, EVERYONE. I need something to do, peoples!! And I need to help stretch out my designing abilities, so comment! Quotes or verses or things from songs–I’ll make what you like! One per person, I will make an awesome button for your blog! Simply comment the verse and your email address, and I can email it to you, or if you don’t want that I have other non-email ways I can give the button to you.

Seriously guys, help me out here.


Okay, more real post.

We made homemade ice-cream today. Vanilla. And we surprised my grandma and mom by dying it pink with red food coloring!!! It was the only color my Grandma had, so I put some in it…..but didn’t tell that it was dyed pink but not red. :D I should have taken a picture for you guys!!! I’m sorry I didn’t…..hehehe. ;) It was good!

And I song I danced to YEARS ago just came onto the stereo. (memories, memories….)

It’s bright and sunny outside….I should probably take of my pajamas…..


I’m seriously saying nothing worth reading here……but who cares!!

Okay, maybe you guys care, but who cares????!!!!! (i just repeated myself. {sigh})

Okay, my eyes just hit a picture of me with no two front teeth in a ballet costume with a lot of eyeliner smiling a cheesy smile. Wow.

And a note from my bro when he was really young that says “for the Lord saved the alians.” Hum.

I’m being really random, aren’t I?

Okay, I’ll be done.


Thank you, dear readers, for suffering through my ramblings. And comment a verse, quote, or song lyric for me to make a button for you!! KEEP ME FROM BOREDOM. Please. My mom will be SO appreciative.


9 thoughts on “[the REAL post]

  1. Could you please make me a button saying:

    “Check Out My Writing Wednesday Page!”

    I can’t give out my email so let me know how else you can give it to me. Earlier you liked my “I Won an Award” post, if you remember. Thanks lots!!



    1. Sure I’d love to make you a button! Tell you what–I’ll make it, then make a password-locked page where you can pick up the photo and it’s URL. I’ll get right to making it!!!!

    2. Okay, thanks lots! I Love it! :D I grabbed the url so you can get rid of the photo and stuff. Thanks again!

  2. Could you make me a button that says “I ♥ Comment!”

    You know were you can give it to me *wink*

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