[hey whats up?]

Just checkin’ in with a couple notices and some pictures.

Thank you guys so much for offering to be interviewed–I’m honored to interview anyone who asks! But–since I have a lot of people asking I may not be able to get to your interview until a couple weeks. But still keep asking, and I’ll put you down on the list!

Some notifications–don’t forget to enter the design contest [here]!

AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD….I promised a couple pictures, didn’t I?

This one above I’m entering into Natalie‘s photo contest! Go enter [here]!

And another picture…….

I will shock you. This one I ACCIDENTALLY took. My iPod was hanging out of my pocket and accidentally snapped this–but I’m glad it did–it’s an awesome picture, don’t you think? And the one above it–we were actually driving in the car and I was taking pictures and I snapped that one. I love it! Seems like all my good photography came by accident…. XP Have an awesome day, and don’t forget to go enter the challenges!


10 thoughts on “[hey whats up?]

      1. I create most of mine (like the one I made for you) on Microsoft Paint (which is on tons of computers), but the “[through my keyboard] one was created by Britt. Nah, I don’t mind you asking. :D

      2. Oh, and also on my Wishing Hearts button I actually cross-stitched that, took a picture, and edited it on Microsoft PowerPoint.

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