[just random me #2]

About time for another Just Random Me post, eh?

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. A new hat!!

2. An interview (coming soon!)

3. My friend FINALLY posting a post!

4. Seeing a new Jane Austen movie (not really new, but new for me)

5. Painting birdhouses (I can upload pics if you guys want–one is really pretty!)

6. A new crafting idea

7. Adventures in Odyssey (TONS of that lately!)

8. New pages (go check ’em out!)

9. New jammy pants!!! (they are SO awesome….)

10.  My kids’ church band performing in the Sanctuary on Sunday……….pray for me, I have to lead a song!!

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Ruby!!!! (AND she wrote the sweetest post about me too!)


6 thoughts on “[just random me #2]

    1. It just means you take the button, put it on your blog, and tell 10 things that made you happy this week. To link up means to basically join be in doing this. Thanks if you do!

      I’ll post pics of the birdhouse soon for ya!

      1. Thanks Hannah for letting me know! I will do the post very shortly!! :) Thanks in advance for posting pictures of the birdhouse- I can’t wait to see!!!

      2. Yay that you’re linking up!!! And you’re welcome in advance for posting those pics–I’ll probably post them tomorrow for you!

  1. Dear Lord,
    I pray for Hannah, that you will give her the ability to focus and do well on her song(s). I pray that she will not only do it for others but for you. Thank you,
    In Jesus’ Heavenly Name I pray AMEN!

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