[just checking in]

So what have y’all been up to?

Thank you guys for taking my poll, and keep the votes coming! I appreciate your feedback SO MUCH.

Well……..I slept in today. (yay!!!!!!!!) I got up at 9, but I probably was just lying in bed until 9. That’s what I do. :P I WISH I would normally sleep in…..

Oh, and my worship service on Sunday went EXTREMELY well. I did get a little nervous, but everything went well, and even some glitches we needed to fix got fixed in practice. Yay! Thank you all for praying for me. ;)

And………….I was in a photo contest!!! By my good friend Natalie (check out her blog!!!). I’ve just been getting to know her. I got third place! Yay!

And, I just want to say that I so do appreciate all of my followers, commenters, and friends–you guys are amazing, and how did I get from 4 followers to 14??? By you guys. Y’all are so amazing, and I’ve made so many good friends…….I just want to say that y’all deserve every award I can give and every post I post!!!!!

Random thought alert.

My mom sometimes says to me “I would give you the world if I could.”

And I respond “But I don’t want the world!!!” :P

Seeya later!

Oh, and for your enjoyment:


Comment, and tell me how your day is going!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!

 –new copyright! You like?


2 thoughts on “[just checking in]

  1. Hannah- great post- as always!!! Glad that you got to sleep in! : ) I really like your response to your Mom’s statement- that is so beautiful! Hope the rest of your day goes good!

    So far, my day is going good!! :) Thanks for being my friend and for all your nice and encouraging comments that you leave on my blogs! I so do appreciate them!

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