[just a musing….]

This true thought randomly crossed my mind.

It’s easier to apologize and forgive on the internet.

Yes, random, but true.

On the internet, you have choice of words. You can look over what you’ve typed and redo stuff, add an LOL, smiley faces, and doll it up a bit, so that it won’t seem so harsh. You have as much time as you like to look over your words and to make sure it’s not hurting.

And then afterward it’s all LOLs and JKs and smiley faces.

But what about reality?

A real apology or forgiveness needs to be done face to face. You may not even be serious on the internet, and people can’t look at you and tell whether you’re sincere. Half the time people can type “I forgive you! LOL” when really they’re hurt, and hurt deeply, but on their keyboard they can cover it up and totally fool the person on the other end. Or you can say “I was just kidding, I didn’t mean that, jk LOL :)”, but they did mean it. And they truly aren’t sorry.

I don’t really have a point here, but I just would like to get you thinking.


4 thoughts on “[just a musing….]

  1. Great post Hannah! That is so very true! People can be fake with their words and don’t always mean what they say. It is hard to tell what people mean just by what they write and we can’t see their facial expression or tone when they write it. Cool thoughts! You got me thinking alright!! :)

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