[just random me #3]

Another Just Random Me linkup!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Chatting with Britt–so much fun!!!

2. Doing tons of new interviews and guest-posts! Go see one [here]!!!

3. Ruby making an AWESOME Red Panda button for me!!!!

Red Panda button

You can have her make one for you with your favorite animal!!! Simply go to her blog!

4. ALSO winning a Grammar challenge at Ruby’s blog!!!!

Click [here] to see the winning post!!!

5. Going to the pool for the first time this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Narnia on Radio-Theatre!!!!!

7. Watching How To Train Your Dragon three times in four days…..great movie!!! [toothless is so CUTE!!!]

8. An open-face provolone and turkey sandwich toasted till the cheese is completely melted……yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! [sorry if I’m tempting you….]

9. Comfy shorts!

10. Coca-cola slushies…..

[why do I seem to be talking about food today??! well, probably because my stomach is growling so loud you can hear it in Japan….]

Want to link up? Comment with your post!! See all of the Just-Random-Me posts [here].

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6 thoughts on “[just random me #3]

  1. I love your random posts, their always fun to read.

    –Rachel S
    p.s. I think I can hear your stomach grumble.. lol

  2. Great post Hannah! Thanks for mentioning me in your random facts!! I would love to link up with you. I will hopefully do the post shortly!! I like How to Train your Dragon also- Toothless is so cute!!

    1. Thanks! i think I may have already switched it though–check in the blogs I heart page and see if that’s the right one.
      Thanks for commenting!

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