[just bloggin’…]

Eh, just being random here. Hope you don’t mind.

Big surprises cooking up in [through my keyboard]….coming soon, very soon……I’m excited, and you should be too–it’s gonna be big!!!!!!!!!! And it will come very soon!!!!!!!

I want to ask y’all a question–do I post too much? I’m beginning to think posting once a day may be too much, and I would like your opinion on the subject, if you’re willing.

NEW POLLS!!!!!!! Go vote!!! –>—>—>—>—>

Went swimming yesterday. One word: COOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!!!! But it was fun.

there’s a key on my keyboard that fell off. Bummer.

At least it wasn’t a frequently used key.

So………….what have y’all been up to?!



8 thoughts on “[just bloggin’…]

  1. Hey Hannah!! Just voted on your poll : ) I can’t wait to see what the new “big thing” is going to be!!!! I love excitement! I do not think you post too much. I always enjoy reading your posts so I like it when you do!! I always look to see your post each day! :) ohh, swimming in cold water doesn’t sound too appealing. That’s a shame that your key fell off your keyboard! : (

    Great post Hannah!!

    1. Thanks for voting! And thanks for your opinion, Britt….I appreciate it. :)
      I can’t wait for the surprise either!!!
      Yep, the water was 78 degrees, when warm is 83-86. Cold.
      Yeah, it’s a shame…. ;) But I’ve never had to use that key, and I can still use it, the top just fell off. :D
      Thanks for commenting!!!!

  2. I love it when you post everyday. I agree with Natalie, I like it when you post even more than once a day. :) I voted on your polls. You’ll probably know which one is me. :D
    I just came back from going swimming. It was pretty warm. Right now its 90 and humid. It feels like 100.

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