[just random me #4]

Just a quicky post. :) Just Random Me linkup!!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Songwriting….. :D

2. Emailing with Britt–so much fun!

3. Big surprises in store!!! [really happy ’bout that!]

4.When people voted on my polls

5. Chatting with friends

6. Cleaning out my closet (yeah, it can be fun!)

7. A pretty little bracelet I dug out of my jewelry holders (while cleaning out aforementioned closet!)

8. A calla-lily in our yard–pictures to come!!!

9. Meeting Chasity!

10. Sleepovers!!!



The AMAZING Britt!!!

The CREATIVE Ruby!!!


8 thoughts on “[just random me #4]

      1. haha…I just posted the linkup! aww..I had a ton of fun emailing you as well!!!! I always do. I can’t get access to my Google+ account since it has been suspended, but hopefully it will get back to normal! and then I can chat with you on there. I wanted to comment on your posts on there but I can’t leave any :(

        Thanks for letting me do the link up with you!!

      2. You commented as I was commenting on your linkup!!! :) Thanks for your kind words! I hope your account gets back to normal for you…..and no problem!!! I love it when people link up!!! :D

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