Some recent photography of mine for you to enjoy!!!

Calla-lily I told you about! Isn’t it beautiful?



An amazing flower……


Note: our backyard in background



Puppy + window seat = Cute!!!


I’m entering the one above [here]! It’s a window/door photo challenge at Designed to Inspire, and I thought this would be perfect: a cute puppy in a windowseat!

Coco loves to sit in my–scuse me, our  (it used to be mine, but when we got her I have to squeeze in. :P )–windowseat and look out at the people/things going by, and barks at most of them. As I’m typing this she’s there now. :) She loves to sleep in the sun coming in as well.



Swallowtail butterfly hanging on the screen of our screen porch this afternoon–I saw it out the door and yelled to my brother “GET YOUR CAMERA!!!” And I got some great pictures too!


It opened its wings for me….isn’t it beautiful?


The day before I had actually chased this butterfly around our yard trying to get a photo. And then it shows up right in front of me!


Love this one above! The photo focused right on its wings.

Hope you enjoyed! :D Please comment and tell me what you think!


21 thoughts on “[photography]

      1. I know! It’s so hot here in NC – 91 yesterday (bleh) and I always thought of July 4th as mid-summer, but apparently I was so wrong! I hope you started the summer with something wonderful. :)

  1. Hey Hannah,
    I think that all the pictures are COOL!!!!!! I can’t pick a favorite!!!! :D You did a GREAT job on taking them all!!!!! :D
    Psalm 119:105

      1. Well I just got through reading this book called “A Young Woman’s Call To Prayer” by Elizabeth George and I thought that you might like to read it. It is a GREAT book. The only think that I didn’t agree with is that as CHRISTIANS we have to have troubles! But other then that it was GREAT! It answered A LOT of questions that I have on prayer!!! :D

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