[big surprise is finally here…..]

Big surprise for you, my beautiful bloggers and followers….it’s finally here!!!!!!!!!!1

the first annual (and probably only annual….)


(just a spur of the moment, folks.)

Over the next few days, I will give EACH AND EVERY ONE of my faithful followers and commenters a UNIQUE AWARD. No follower will be excluded from this joyous event! (except if I don’t know you and you don’t comment. but that’s not true for most of you.) And some faithful bloggers, who don’t follow but COMMENT like they follow, will be awarded as well! Three times a day, at 9:00, 2:00, and 9:00, (EST) I will be posting an award, and no one will be excluded!

So stay in tune for these fabulous awards, coming soon to [through my keyboard]!

Note: These awards are of my own opinion, and just because I don’t award you with, let’s say, a really good header award [just an example]), and you have a great header, doesn’t mean I don’t like your header. I wish I could award everyone with every award, but it doesn’t exactly work that way, and I want every award to be uniquely for those who are awarded. So I don’t want you to be offended if you don’t win a particular award. And you can claim your award as your own, and feel entitled to it! I love all you guys, and don’t wish to offend you AT ALL, and any offense is strictly accidential. Alright? ♥

Also, don’t feel obliged to comment on EVERY SINGLE POST unless you want to, since there will be so many of them scheduled. If you would like to, go ahead! I love comments! But I understand if you’d prefer to comment only on posts concerning you.


13 thoughts on “[big surprise is finally here…..]

  1. ooh, the surprise was finally released- but there are still a few more ;) I love this idea Hannah!!!! I can’t wait to see what award I get from you!!! That is so sweet of you to award each of your followers! Thanks so much!!!!

  2. That’s a great idea and its soo nice of you to award your followers Cant wait its almost 9:00 where i live in EST

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