[mini blogger awards 3 and 4]

Numbers 3 and 4!!!

goes to……SIERRA, who has been blogging since 2009, one of the confirmed longest that I know of!!!! Thanks so much, Sierra, for being an awesome commenter and follower, and you deserve your award! Congrats!!!

And, to go with that, we have the Newest Blogger award!!!

goes to….Flower446, a great friend of mine who has been blogging for a relatively short time, but even with a few posts she’s already doing awesome!!! Be sure to check out her blog and help her out!!! Congrats, girl!!!!!!!!!

Again, congrats, Sierra and Flower446! See y’all later for our next award!!!


7 thoughts on “[mini blogger awards 3 and 4]

  1. Thank you Hannah :) Sometimes I feel like I’m so “old” :P
    Thanks again :) And I’m sorry if I haven’t been commenting as often, I do read your posts by email, but sometimes I can’t comment :( Cause I’m in a hurry. Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8

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