[mini blogger awards 13 and 14]

nah, I’m not a triskadeckaphobe [word of the day, means someone who’s afraid of the #13.]

Yes, this is a joke. For my bro, starblaster181. Love ya bro!

And our last one…..[sad face]

Sorry it took so long to get to you, Jodie, but this is all for you!!!!!! You’re an amazing random poster, and I LOVE RANDOM! :D Congratulations!!!

[I would have given it to myself, but that wouldn’t be fair. Unless y’all want to award me with it. *hint hint*]

And that concludes the Mini Blogger Awards at [through my keyboard]!! Thank you all who participated, commented, and read these numerous posts of mine for the last three days. You all rock!!!! So what did you think? Comment and tell me!!! :) Lots of love, and congratulations to all who were awarded. See you later!!!

~Hannah ♥

OOOOOHHHH wait I forgot! I will do the Just Random Me linkup tomorrow, I promise, okay? Those who want to link up may do so as soon as you like and I’ll put you in the post as I make it, okeydoke? Thanks!


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