[how well do you know me contest!!]

How well do you know me/myblog contest!!! Some of you have known me and followed this blog for a while and I want to see what you know! The winner gets their blog button on my sidebar for a while, and gets a special winner button!!! Now, I am going to trust y’all not to cheat and look at other posts. Okeydoke? Here goes:

1. How did I start blogging?

2. What was my blog name before it was [through my keyboard]? (most of you know this one)

3. About how often do I post?

4. What is my trademark photo? (hint–I took it, and have used it for a couple of my profiles.)

5. What is my dog’s name?

6. What was the tagline of my old blog name?

7. What is my trademark for all my post names, my category names, and even more? (annnnd I LOVE THEM! hence they are my trademark.)

8. How many authors help me out on my devotional blog?

9. What is my favorite comic strip?

10. Which do I have–braces, glasses, both, or neither?

11. What is my WordPress username, that I still use?

12. How many posts have I written, total? (estimate–get within 10 of it and you get it right)

13. My favorite Christian band?

14. Bonus HARD question–what kind of toothbrush do I use? (scrape your minds–I’ve mentioned this before!!!)

15. Bonus question–(that has nothing to do with me)–What are {these} called?

So…..comment with your entries, NOW!!!!!!!!!!! [because I’m so ecstatic and can’t wait til you enter!!!] FYI I will not post your comments, so that no one cheats and looks at other people’s answers, but when you enter your name will appear below! So if you want to comment about the contest and THEN enter, you can do that in two separate comments so I can post the commenting not-the-entry one. :) The contest will be over in ONE WEEK from today, so get typing, and I can’t wait to see your entries!!!

Those who have entered:




PS: Sorry everybody for my THIRD post today, but I wanted to get this posted, so I can see YOUR BEAUTIFUL ENTRIES!!!!!!!!!!! I am reallllyyy excited! :D

PSS: If you are my brother, and you are reading this, you cannot enter because you know me too well and that would be cheating. Sorry. :P ~H


22 thoughts on “[how well do you know me contest!!]

  1. Great post and questions Hannah- I so enjoyed doing this!!!! This is such a great idea to do! Don’t be sorry for posting 3 times today- I LOVE reading your posts!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment, and I got your entry! :) Thanks so much, Britt! I’m glad you like the idea! Awwwww….I am so glad you like my posts!!! :D

      1. You could do either one! You can find my email in “Contact”, under the About Me page if you’d like to do that, or you can simply comment!

    1. Good question–for a commenter without a blog, I would still post about you winning and make the button and you could just have rights to it. You could save it as a picture. And I could still post on my sidebar “The winner of my giveaway was [so and so]!!!! Congrats!” Answer your question?

    1. Yep, just comment! I won’t post it so no one looks at other answers, but I’ll write your name in the post when I get your entry. Thanks!!!

      1. So you go to the link for Britt’s website, and you answer all of her questions in a post. Then put your link into the post on the thing that says “add your link”, so Britt knows you’re linking up with her. So you are joining her in answering the questions. Make sense?

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