[just random me #5]

Sorry it’s a day late, folks!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. The mini blogger awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Helping out with the VBS at my church!

3. One of my best friends getting a new Google+ account, so now I can chat with her!!!

4. Making buttons for TeenFaith777!

5. [brackets!!!!!!]

6. Making a craft how-to for you all that will be posted soon!!!!!!

7. Popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. thinking up 7 things I’m happy about really quickly!!!! [not normal!]

9. A new floor lamp for my room!!! [my old one broke (??????), so we went looking for a new one and found one that EXACTLY matched my room!!!!! I’m pumped!!!]

10. Cute side braids!

Linked up:



Oh, and while I’m at it, I was awarded by Ruby and Rachel!!!!! Thank you so much, girls!!!

1. Award 5 people. [look below!]

2. Write who awarded you. [check!]

3. Tell the people you awarded them. [will do!]

4. Always put the picture above on the post. [check!]

5. Always show the rules. [check!]

I’m gonna mix it up a bit today. [oooooooooooooooooooooooo!]

I award:

Designed to Inspire!!!

The Story Blog!!!

A Home Beyond the River!!!

Heart Strings!!!


Congrats everyboddeeeee! And sorry for the overload on awards; I just get back from doing 9 posts of them and then I get awarded! I PROMISE to take a break. :P


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