[q&a linkup with britt]

I’m linking up with Britt!!! Go see her linkup post [here]; I’m sure she would love if you joined!!!

The beautiful linkup button–isn’t it awesome? She does such a good job. :D

Here are the linkup questions, and my answers:

What is your favorite color? Hard…..probably a teal color, like the color of my theme! :D
What is your favorite season? Winter. I love snow! And part of winter is the coolness of spring even though technically it’s still winter. I love it!!!!
Do you have a favorite sport? (soccer, badminton, ice skating, volleyball, tennis, swimming…) Ummmmmm…..does dancing count??? :P
Do you have any hobbies? Well, I don’t exactly know….but I love to read, dance, blog, and probably tons of other things I can’ t think of. :)
Do you know what you would like to become when you are older? That’s a hard question for me….some options are maybe a dance choreographer, a teacher [maybe], a vet, a photographer….I don’t know.
Where would be one place you would love to visit? One place? I don’t know……I would LOVE to meet some of my blogger friends in person, especially Britt and Godsgirlz1….they are such great friends, and I would love to meet them someday in person!!!!!!!!!!! And I know I’ll meet them in Heaven, but I’m a bit impatient…. :P
Have you ever been to any other countries? No. I love home!!!
Have you ever been scuba diving? Um, no….
Have you ever lost someone you love? Yes, there was a man at our church that we were such good friends with, but he died of a stroke or heart attack…..it was so sad, and he was such a special friend….but I know I’ll meet him in Heaven someday. :)
Thanks, Britt, for having this linkup and for letting me join, and I know I’ll join again!!! If you would like to join Britt in her linkup, simply go to the post [here] and add your link!! :D Thanks again, Britt!

6 thoughts on “[q&a linkup with britt]

  1. Thanks Hannah for doing this!!!!! You are so sweet!! Words can not explain my complete joy and happiness as having you as a friend!! I truly believe God brought you into my life at the time I needed a friend!! Thanks for all your comments on my blog and for doing the link up! I enjoyed reading all your wonderful answers!! Oh yes, dancing counts as a sport! :) Oh, I would love to meet you too!! I’m sorry about your loss with the man at church- I’m sure that must have been hard for you!

    Thanks again Hannah!!!

    1. Thank you, and I feel the same way…..you are such a good friend ans I am so glad I met you–and I’m glad I am able to be your friend when you need one, even though we may be far away and may never see eachother in person. :D Thanks for your sweet comment!!! And I was happy to link up, and will do so whenever you have it! :D Glad dancing counts… :D Yes, it was hard, but God helped us through it.
      Thanks so much for commenting, being my awesome friend, and for doing the linkup!!!!!!!

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