Yes, I know I haven’t posted anything REAL in like the past week, but I’m back, folks!!!!!!! [applause]

Oooooh, check out my new page, “[personalize]” under “[my stuff]”–I’ve been on a PicMonkey button craze and this is what came out of it! I will personally personalize [hahaha, pun] any of the buttons there that you would like! :D

I took my guinea-pig’s cage outside today and cleaned it out with the hose–it was fun! I got really wet, but it was worth it! I blasted it out with the “jet” function. :) And I learned a new way to clean out a guinea-pig/animal water bottle–put the hose on jet, put the water bottle right over the jet, and blast it! It completely washes it out! [it was cool-looking…. :P ]

I have a craft to post that will probably be posted either today, or in the next couple days, so stay tuned!

Oh, on my “which beauty tip” poll, somebody suggested “facial”. I went “oooooo!!!!!!!” [whomever suggested that, you deserve applause!] I would never have thought of that. But if I did a facial there may not be pictures…..but it is something to think about doing! [I’ve never had one–it sounds sooo fun]

Speaking of which, if you haven’t voted on my polls, please do so! I will probably close them down soon, so if you haven’t be sure to vote soon!

So what have you been up to? :D


6 thoughts on “[sigh…]

  1. Great post Hannah!! Thanks again for those awesome buttons. I have yet to put them on my blog- I have been busy here this morning! Hopefully I will get to them now :) I enjoyed reading your post!! :)

  2. Hannah,
    I took the quiz on which Austen Herion are you. We are the same person!!!!!!!!!! I thought that was cool!!!!!!! Just wanted to tell you!!!!!!!!! :D
    Psalm 119:105

  3. Haha! Washing out your guinea pig’s cage with the hose sounded fun. =) I just noticed that you put my blog button on your sidebar and a little note. That was so kind of you! Thank you very much!

    1. Haha thanks! And I was happy to put your button there…you’re such a good and sweet blogger, you deserve it! Will post my entry to your challenge tomorrow! :D

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