[craft–initial boxes]

Craft today!

What you need:

Paint (any color)

Medium paint brush

Glitter glue(try to find a color that complements your paint)

Medium sized flaky glitter (I suggest clear or white)

Small wooden paintable box (any shape; I used a circle shape)

Newspaper or a large piece of paper to cover the surface you’re working on. (your mom will appreciate it!!!)

I also suggest using a large shirt or smock to cover your clothes as we’re working with paint.


Today I’m using the color purple, and a gold glitter glue!

Step one: Paint bottom and top of box.

Tips: Paint the inside of each part first, that way when you need to paint the other side you won’t have to set it on wet paint and smudge it; the box will sit on the inside rim instead, and not smudge as much paint.


I suggest painting the box a second time directly after you get both parts painted. Most likely it will need it.


Step two: While the top of the box is still wet, and will hold the glitter on, sprinkle the glitter evenly on it.


It should look close to this:


Step three: Use the glitter glue to make an initial on the top of the box, directly on top of the glitter.

Tip: I suggest NOT using a pencil or pen to mark your initial, because it will scrape the wet paint and glitter. Instead try to draw the initial out on a piece of paper and look at it instead.


I did a B! You can do ANY initial, or maybe a couple initials, but if you do more than one make sure they have enough space inbetween, or the glue, while drying, will run into the other initials. [it expands when it dries.] So I don’t suggest doing complete words, just one or two initials. Three might be okay if you’re careful and the box is big enough, but I suggest two.


Step four: Use the glitter glue to create a rim on the edge of the box.

Tip: Slow and steady wins the race!!! Go SLOW. And I also suggest going around a second time with the glitter so that it’s more even.


Should look like:


And there you have it! Let the box dry, and you’re good to go. You can use your box to hold jewelry, beads, anything that fits! And it makes a good box for gift cards or small gifts–just wrap a bow around it and give it to them. It works really well!

I hope you liked my craft! :)


Have any good ideas for crafts that I should post about? Comment and tell me what you thought and your ideas!!!


Okay, a couple announcements/updates–


I only have two people that have entered so far, and today was supposed to be the deadline! :( But I’m giving you another week to enter, alright? And even if you don’t think you know enough to enter, please do it anyway! Guess, for goodness sake! :P Go enter! Pleazzzzzeeee!!!!!!!!

Another update: I need more people to be interviewed, and soon! I only have one person lined up! So if you haven’t been interviewed, please go under “[about me]”, click the page called “[want to be a part?]” and fill out the form, and click the box that says “interview”!!!!!!!!! It’s a good way to let people know more about you and about your blog(s), so please go fill out the form! [it’s a quick form, just asking how I can contact you and so forth.] So please go fill it out!!!

Hannah, over and out!


12 thoughts on “[craft–initial boxes]

  1. I love this little craft Hannah- great post!! Cool- “B” for Britt :) haha…I loved the photos and your post!! :) Such a cool idea!!

    1. Thanks! And, I confess, I was thinking of you when I made it–so it is a “B” for Britt. :D Thanks for commenting, and glad you like it!

      1. Aww….that is SO SWEET of you to think of me!!! what an encouraging thought!! I love the colors you used- they all are very pretty!!

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