[we have a winner!!!]

So y’all remember I had a “How well do you know me” contest that’s been going on for a while, and yesterday was the deadline. I do wish more people had entered…..only three did…..but maybe someday I will do it again and those who don’t know me too well can get to know me! :D

And the winner is………………..CARRIE, who got 13-15 answers right!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know me so well! [well, you’ve known me for years, so of course you know me so well!!!]

Our other entrees were Britt, [with a 9.5] and Godsgirlz1! [with a 9] Thanks SO much for entering!!!

The answers to the questions were:

1. How did I start blogging? Someone gave me a blog as a gift, but I truly started blogging in February.

2. What was my blog name before it was [through my keyboard]? Hannah’s Place

3. About how often do I post? Usually once a day

4. What is my trademark photo? (Hint–I took it, and have used it for a couple of my profiles.)  My apple picture—I bit into it and it came out as a heart-shaped bite

5. What is my dog’s name? Coco!

6. What was the tagline of my old blog name? “Always Remember–God Loves It When You Smile!”

7. What is my trademark for all my post names, my category names, and even more? [brackets, brackets, brackets!!!!!!!]

8. How many authors help me out on my devotional blog? 3help me out,but the answer 4 can count as well

9. What is my favorite comic strip? Peanuts [otherwise known as the Charlie Brown strip]

10. Which do I have–braces, glasses, both, or neither? Glasses

11. What is my WordPress username that I still use? danz4god [remember? it was my URL before this one!]

12. How many posts have I written, total? 105, including this one and one that is scheduled

13. My favorite Christian band? Anthem Lights–they are so awesome!

14. Bonus HARD question–what kind of toothbrush do I use? I have a spinbrush! [I had mentioned once that I changed the batteries in my spinbrush, and it made me happy!]

15. Bonus question–What are {these} called? They are called “braces”! [yeah I know, hard!]

You all did awesome, and I so appreciate you entering my contest!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately…..there’s a lot going on and I just haven’t gotten around to it. But hopefully more posts and pictures [with my new camera–thank you, mom and dad!!!] coming soon!


8 thoughts on “[we have a winner!!!]

  1. Hey Hannah,
    This is cool!!!!!! :D I didn’t know all the answers! I might have only gotten about 5 or 6 right!! I REALLY like that picture!!!!!!!!! :D
    Psalm 119:105

      1. Oh yea, I remember that you do know each other. hehehe :P I guess I did pretty well from only meeting you a few months ago.

  2. Oh, neat – I came in 2nd :) This was such a neat contest!! I really enjoyed doing it!! :) Congrats to Carrie and Godsgirlz!! Thanks Hannah!!

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