[a promise for purity]

Some of you may have seen a new button on my sidebar, “A Promise For Purity”.

<a href=”https://throughmykeyboard.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/a-promise-for-purity”><img title=”a promise for purity” src=”https://throughmykeyboard.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/promiseforpurity.jpg” alt=”” width=”400″ height=”273″ /></a>

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What this says and symbolizes is that I am choosing to be pure in my thoughts and actions. As a young teenager/tweenager growing up in a world full of girls who choose not to be pure and wait for the man God has destined for them, it can be hard not to be pure when it seems so much better to not be. It may look like those other girls are better off than you are, not be pure and not being strict to the “purity” standards.

But as the button says, “The waiting is worth it.” It is! By being pure, you are not only respecting God’s wishes and destiny for you, but you are also respecting and honoring your future husband that God has planned for you to meet and marry someday. God wants us to be pure and wait for the person He chooses. And it is so worth it! You will be so glad someday that you were pure when you were younger, and you will respect that choice you made as a young teenager/tweenager. That choice will affect your whole life! And even if you are still young, it’s not too early to make a choice that you will be pure and honorable.

So I am choosing to stay pure, and have already chosen to stay pure, and I want you to join me in striving to be pure in your thoughts and actions.

The waiting is worth it.


9 thoughts on “[a promise for purity]

  1. Wonderful post Hannah!! Staying pure is so worth it (like you said!). It is so reassuring that you (unlike most girls) are deciding to stay pure!!! Great post!!!

    1. Thanks, and thanks for your comment, Britt! I am blessed to be born into a family that has taught me the value of purity, and that I know it’s worth striving for. Thanks!

      1. You are so welcome!! I am so blessed to have the same family that teaches me the value of purity as well! I am so glad that you have a family that teaches you that too :) It is such a great virtue!!! :)

  2. This is a fabulous post. Its sad that the world is telling the girls that you don’t have to be pure. I’ve already made the commitment that I am going to stay pure!

  3. Wonderful post Hannah!!! I totally agree with what you said and it’s nice to have girls that think like me! Thanks for saying I can take the button as well! I love it!!! :)

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