[linkups, linkups, evvvverrryyywhere!!!]

First off, a notice–IF YOU FOLLOW BY YOUR BLOGGER DASHBOARD, COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW SO I CAN COUNT YOU AS A FOLLOWER!!!!!!!!!!! AKA Chasity, Emma, ????????????????????? Because I have no way of seeing that you follow unless I go and look at your profile(s) and that’s a lot of work for me! And if I have a giveaway I want you included!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you follow by your dash, please tell me!

And now to our original program.

First, I’m linking up over at Britt’s! Here’s her post if you want to link up [scroll to bottom of post], and here are the rules!

1. Only one entry/photo per person
2. Include a link back to [Britt’s] blog on your post
3. Include the button above, for the challenge/linkup on your post
4. Only clean images with no curse words can be entered.
5. Images can be from any website or you can also make your own.
6. Include the rules on your post
And here is my entry!
Yes, I made it! :D Saw this quote and wanted to make a button! And I found some other good quotes that I will post later!
And our JRM linkup:
[by the way, no offense, but the full name of the linkup is “Just Random Me”, just to let y’all know. and get it off my chest. no offense. just remember the just.]
10 things that made me happy this week:
1. The awesome color filter function on my camera! [again, THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!]
[as i said i’m not completely sure of the number cuz of y’all who follow by blogger dash.
3. Swimming–it was so nice today!
4. Spray/leave in condtioner. [love it….]
5. Helping TeenFaith777 out with her blog!
6. Being a sponsor in Britt’s giveaway! I am so excited!
[see link on sidebar]
7. New buttons AND signatures on my Personalize page! [go check them out!]
And even more on the way!
8. So many linkup-ers! I love it!
9. New books! [about to dig in to them!]
10. My puppy. I love her. [sigh]
Linkup by commenting with the link to your post!!
Linked up:
ME! [of course]
And that’s all folks!
Remember, if you follow by blogger dash PLEASE comment to let me know so I can count you as a follower and include you in stuff.
[like maybe giveaways. i don’t know.]

20 thoughts on “[linkups, linkups, evvvverrryyywhere!!!]

      1. that would be cool! okay you made me jealious! That is a better camera then mine! :) I WANT A NIKON!

      2. Thanks! Oh sorry to make you jealous; I’m sure your camera is a really nice one!!! :D But if you ever feel interested in saving up to buy one like mine I’ll send you the link!

      3. sounds great thanks! p.s. How doues the color filter work? It seems really hard wehn on a camera. What do you do to get the colors you want color and the rest B&W?

      4. It has an actual function for it. It makes everything b&w except the color you choose. I will post some pictures for you with examples of the color filter for you. :) it’s really cool!

  1. Hey Hannah,
    Thanks again for helping out on my blog! I think that you did a GREAT job at making the bible verses buttons!!!!! :D
    Psalm 119:105

    1. Okay great, I’ll write you down so I know you’re a follower! Okay, if you would ever like to enter feel free to do as much or as little as you would like, your choice if you want to! :D

  2. Hey Hannah!! Thanks SOOO much for entering my linkup!!!! I LOVE your entry!! You did a fabulous job on making it!!! :) I will definitely enter in your linkup, it might not be until later though :)
    Thanks Hannah!! Oh, and sorry for not always posting JUST Random Me, I will be sure to do it this time!! :) Thanks so much Hannah!!!

    1. You are so welcome!!! Oh thanks! It’s fine, take your time and post it whenever you would like. Oh, no problem, and it’s nothing against you, and you weren’t the only one. It’s completely okay. :D
      You’re so welcome! Can’t wait to see your linkup!

      1. Thanks Hannah for understanding. I know with certain linkups/awards I have done when people didn’t post the rules or image I was a little upset , so I completely understand!! :) Don’t worry- you never did that- you always are good and post the rules and image :) Thanks for letting us know about the name- otherwise I wouldn’t have known!! haha… :) Can’t wait to link up!! I’m going to go do it right now!!

  3. Good Morning, my Hannah Girl,
    I love the button entry you did. I think you should show it to your Mom and for her to make something using that quote. See you soon. I love you, Grandma

    1. Hey Grandma–thanks for your sweet comment! Haha I will show it to Mom and see if she wants to make something out of it! :D Love you!

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