I’ve felt like my week has dragged and dragged on………but it’s finally Saturday!!! And, as I promised, I have some quotes for you, a couple I found that are really cool and a couple I made. Enjoy!

And the ones I made [feel free to take them! just tell me before you do. :) ]

I made this one above for Britt! Please do not take without permission from her.

lotzofluv, Hannah



16 thoughts on “[quotes]

  1. Hey Hannah,
    I REALLY like all of these!!!!!! Can I put them on my blog? Also could you ask Britt if I can put hers on there too? The reasons I’m asking you is because if I get on amy blogspot blog it freezes my computer and I have to shut it down. So if you can ask her that would be good! Thanks!!!!!!!!
    Psalm 119:105

    1. You can certainly use as many as you like! And Britt told me it was fine for people to use the button I made for her. I’m so glad you like them!

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