Couldn’t think of a better title. Sorry.

Need a couple more guest-posters–fill out the form [here]!!!

I’ve had some people I don’t really know submit forms to do a guest-post or be interviewed, but I really don’t want to do a guest-post/interview with you if I don’t know you well. So if you go to fill out the form if you could read through my new guest-post/interview policies, and try to comply to them before you fill out the form. Thanks!

And i need one more follower.

One more.










Not only for my sake but for the 24 other followers who are in anticipation for that last follower.

I know I haven’t been as good with posts lately, and I’m SO sorry….lots of business on my end of the telephone line. So have grace with me. :)

Entering Ruby’s contest!!!!!!

It’s a bokeh contest–no editing allowed. I picked this one from earlier photos because the bokeh was fantastic! There wasn’t any editing, Ruby–I promise ya. :)

Be sure to enter!


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