[just random me #9]

Hey y’all! If you read my overly exited post yesterday I bet you’re in anticipation for that giveaway! :D Well it will come soon, I promise! :D Thought I’d do a quick linkup for this week!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. 26 amazing followers!!!

2. Watermelon. Yum!

3. Writing up MILLIONS [well, maybe just three] guest-posts!

4. Emailing with one of my new best friends….

5. Getting a giveaway set up–how exciting! And we will have tons of awesome sponsors!!!

6. A beautiful sunset, photographed over a lake in the park. It was so amazing. I will upload pics soon. :)

7. Snuggling with my brother this morning. Who knew?

8. Video-chatting with one of my friends for A HALF HOUR!

9. Getting back a lost earring. Always awesome. :)

10. Wearing a dress I had only used as a dance cover-up and finding that it was EXTREMELY CUTE!!!

Be sure to link up! :D Lots of love!

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15 thoughts on “[just random me #9]

  1. Hey Hannah!!! Wonderful post! I was hoping you’d post your linkup :) I will go right over and do it now!!! :) I loved reading your random happy things!!!

  2. :) That is so cool that we both dance :) I will try to do the link up, but I will have to see……..doing part time ballet takes up a lot of time!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

    1. Yes it’s really cool! Oh that’s okay–you can feel free to linkup at any time if you like, and if you’re too busy that’s perfectly fine as well! :D Thanks for commenting!

  3. I am going to link up right now!!!!!

    Could I possible take the button on your sidebar of promise for purity??? I really like it but if not no big deal!!! :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks! :D

      Please feel free to do that! And if you click on it it should bring you to my post about that button that explains some of it. Thanks so much Ireland! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. Great Thanks a-lot!!! And Hannah, I would totally follow you but I’m not allowed to follow by email! I will still be keeping up with you though! So count me as one of your followers!!! :) :) :)

    1. You’re so welcome! Oh that’s fine–I understand. I will certainly count you as a follower! Maybe if you like you can follow me by your Blogger dashboard–just put my url in and it should let you follow me if you want to do that instead of email. :) But if not thats fine as well!! Thanks for being a follower!!!

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