[i need a re-charge.]

Sometimes we’re on low battery, we’ve been working hard–maybe even too hard–physically or emotionally.  You’ve just run a marathon or worked in the yard for hours–or there’s a problem with your school, job, church, friendship………
What do you do when you’re on low battery physically? Some take a nap, drink tea or soda, or may just relax and read a book or watch a movie. It seems to work because we feel refreshed and ready to go again.
Sometimes we try to do this for the emotional exhaust as well.

But it doesn’t work.

We try and forget our problems by taking ourselves into that resting moment of bliss, but once it’s over you may be “rested,” but your problems are still there. Your body may have recovered, but it doesn’t work that way with your emotions, and you can feel desperate.

If you have an MP3, laptop, or iPod, you know the only way to charge it is to connect it to a charger. If you let it “sleep” or shut it down, when you wake it up again, it’s still going to be on low battery. But if you connect it to a charger, after a while it will be running and ready to go again.

That’s the way it works with our emotions–if we turn them off or distract them, they will still be there full throttle when you come back to them. But if we give our emotions to God, the ULTIMATE “charger,” He will take all of the battery into His hands and send it back to us fully charged. He takes the low charged battery, and replaces it with a new, fresh one. Or He transfers His charge into it so the battery meter is full.

Sometimes, we even try and use the wrong charger. Your device is plugged in and ready to charge, and you think it’s charging, but it’s not really, because it’s the wrong charger. When you realize this you’re worse off than before, and your device has even less battery because it’s been sitting there wasting away all day. That wrong charger can be someone/something who constantly fills your mind with a different emotion that you seem to like, but it doesn’t really charge you. The only one who can truly charge you is God.

Have you been holding out on God, and not letting Him charge you? Have you been using a wrong charger with your emotions? Do you try and give your problems to the world instead of God?

I hope this post affected you and made you think! Have a wonderful Sunday!


9 thoughts on “[i need a re-charge.]

  1. Wow, Hannah- this post really made me think and has allowed me to see if I am in the right mindset. Thanks so much for this reminder- I needed to hear this!!! What a wonderful post! I love how you applied the topic with a battery- genius!!!

    Thanks for encouraging me with the post!!! ;)

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