[it’s not about death.]

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Easter Sunday. Resurrection Day.

You tell me.
What is Easter all about?

You may say it’s about death. The death of Christ on the cross.

But you’re wrong.

Good Friday was the actual “death day”.

But Easter Sunday is about life.

Easter isn’t a celebration of Christ’s death, but of His resurrection. Easter isn’t a mourning gathering, being sad over Christ’s death. It’s a celebration that Christ is alive.

ALIVE, mind you. Not dead. Alive.

So many times when we’re celebrating Easter, and think of the Easter celebration, we focus a lot on the death of Christ. You may say it was an unjust death–and it was. But that’s what Christ came to earth to do–to save the world from the corruption of sin, and essentially, from death itself.
So He died.

He could have run away, could have used “supernatural” powers to stay alive, but no. He himself didn’t want to die, and He even prayed to His Father “Please, take this load off of my back.” But at the same time He said “Thy will be done.” So He was taken, beaten, humiliated, spit on, His clothes were gambled for, and He suffered lasting pain and humiliation hanging on a cross with nails in His feet. All because He chose to follow God’s will.

But you seem to forget the awesome part of this story. The part that we celebrate on a Sunday every year in April. (or in this year’s case, March.)


He was literally dead for three days–trust me, He wasn’t just alive in the tomb.
He. Was. Dead.


And with that one miracle, He changed the world.

We don’t need to mourn any more. We don’t need to cry because Christ is gone. He’s alive!! And because with His death, He took the keys of life and death from Satan, and reclaimed His people, so that whoever believes in Him will eternally live in Heaven.

It wasn’t only Jesus who came back to life. It was every. person. who. believes. Millions. And Millions. Even Billions. Of People. Now have the chance to live. Forever.

That takes immense love.
To die for a broken, beat up, sinful beyond belief, corrupted, blackened, impure world. To die for billions of people who hate Him and scorn His open arms. And yet He still stands there, arms wide open, waiting.

His death and resurrection made a bigger impact on the world than the atomic bomb explosions. Or WW2. Or Hurricane Sandy. Or even Hitler.
Those things brought numerous death. But Jesus brought uncountable, immeasureable, indescribable life.

Yet so many people reject it. The gift that one person died for. We accept the freedom that many died for, yet billions of people don’t accept the gift one person died for.

As you go about your day today, and remember Jesus death on the cross and His resurrection, also remember the people who haven’t been led to love Christ; the people who haven’t yet accepted His gift of eternal salvation and a live in Heaven. Be praying for those people today.
And remember that the sacrifice that Jesus made–he made for you. Because of His innumerable, immeasureable, immense love.

Jesus is alive.

God bless you guys :) have a wonderful, restful Easter Sunday! –Hannah


4 thoughts on “[it’s not about death.]

  1. You have a fabulous Easter too Hannah!! I loved your post. So true- I focus on the death of Jesus, but truly we are celebrating His resurrection and our future home that He allowed us to go to through His death. Thanks for the post!!

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