[just random me #10]

A Just Random Me linkup, another linkup, and a coupla photo challenges! And guess what’s happening tomorrow…………… [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. that the GIVEAWAY is ending TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Chatting with wonderful friends!


4. Being random. Like the quote above.

5. Using PicMonkey to help me memorize stuff! LOL

6. Classical music, and thinking of this lovely lady when I hear the Moonlight Sonata. Love ya girl! :D

7. New emails!!

8. Being asked to be a sponsor for a bunch of people! It’s always fun for me!!!

9. Having a song you once sung to come on shuffle and yelling it out because no one else is listening [hehehehehe]

10. Hearing Tchaikovsky come on when I’m listening to Classical music on shuffle. LOVE!

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And we also have Britt’s Q & A linkup!!

Here are the questions….

1. What is your favorite Bible story? That’s a hard one, but one that I like is the story of Mary and Martha!
2. What colors are your room? My walls are a teal color, with accents of lime green, purple, and zebra–maybe someday I will show pictures!
3. What is your favorite meal? (lunch, breakfast, dinner?) I don’t know. That’s hard! ………….Probably lunch.
4. What is/was your favorite subject in school? Well I LOVE to read!!!
5. Are you a shy or outgoing person? Well I can be very outgoing with friends but can be a bit shy with people I don’t know or don’t know well.
6. Are you a more reserved or expressive person? I don’t know. I guess it depends.
7. How many brothers and sisters would you like to have? Well I think it would be cool to have an older sister, or a younger sister to take care of!

Go link up here! It’s always so fun to link up with Britt! :D


[doncha love that button? :D ]

Entering here, into Carrie’s photo contest! You take a picture associated with your favorite verse! I put mine actually on the photo. :)

You should go and check out her blog and enter–she’s such an awesome girl, and one of my awesome friends!!! Be sure to go soon, it ends tomorrow!! :D

PS this is the lovely rose that I convinced my lovely mom to buy a couple years ago, because its smell is HEAVENLY! It’s called “Tranquility” and the name perfectly fits!

Entering at Elizabeth’s blog, one of my newest blogger friends! Subject: anything you like! :D

Don’t you ADORE the bokeh in this photo! I love it! You should check out Elizabeth’s post and enter into her challenge! PS: they are my grandma’s flowers! :D

PSS: sorry this photo didn’t come until I added it, I had thought it was in the post but it turns out not. :( But here it is now! Sorry!



Couldn’t think of a better title. Sorry.

Need a couple more guest-posters–fill out the form [here]!!!

I’ve had some people I don’t really know submit forms to do a guest-post or be interviewed, but I really don’t want to do a guest-post/interview with you if I don’t know you well. So if you go to fill out the form if you could read through my new guest-post/interview policies, and try to comply to them before you fill out the form. Thanks!

And i need one more follower.

One more.










Not only for my sake but for the 24 other followers who are in anticipation for that last follower.

I know I haven’t been as good with posts lately, and I’m SO sorry….lots of business on my end of the telephone line. So have grace with me. :)

Entering Ruby’s contest!!!!!!

It’s a bokeh contest–no editing allowed. I picked this one from earlier photos because the bokeh was fantastic! There wasn’t any editing, Ruby–I promise ya. :)

Be sure to enter!

[we have a winner!!!]

So y’all remember I had a “How well do you know me” contest that’s been going on for a while, and yesterday was the deadline. I do wish more people had entered…..only three did…..but maybe someday I will do it again and those who don’t know me too well can get to know me! :D

And the winner is………………..CARRIE, who got 13-15 answers right!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know me so well! [well, you’ve known me for years, so of course you know me so well!!!]

Our other entrees were Britt, [with a 9.5] and Godsgirlz1! [with a 9] Thanks SO much for entering!!!

The answers to the questions were:

1. How did I start blogging? Someone gave me a blog as a gift, but I truly started blogging in February.

2. What was my blog name before it was [through my keyboard]? Hannah’s Place

3. About how often do I post? Usually once a day

4. What is my trademark photo? (Hint–I took it, and have used it for a couple of my profiles.)  My apple picture—I bit into it and it came out as a heart-shaped bite

5. What is my dog’s name? Coco!

6. What was the tagline of my old blog name? “Always Remember–God Loves It When You Smile!”

7. What is my trademark for all my post names, my category names, and even more? [brackets, brackets, brackets!!!!!!!]

8. How many authors help me out on my devotional blog? 3help me out,but the answer 4 can count as well

9. What is my favorite comic strip? Peanuts [otherwise known as the Charlie Brown strip]

10. Which do I have–braces, glasses, both, or neither? Glasses

11. What is my WordPress username that I still use? danz4god [remember? it was my URL before this one!]

12. How many posts have I written, total? 105, including this one and one that is scheduled

13. My favorite Christian band? Anthem Lights–they are so awesome!

14. Bonus HARD question–what kind of toothbrush do I use? I have a spinbrush! [I had mentioned once that I changed the batteries in my spinbrush, and it made me happy!]

15. Bonus question–What are {these} called? They are called “braces”! [yeah I know, hard!]

You all did awesome, and I so appreciate you entering my contest!!!!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately…..there’s a lot going on and I just haven’t gotten around to it. But hopefully more posts and pictures [with my new camera–thank you, mom and dad!!!] coming soon!

[another packed post!]

Buncha stuffs to do! So let’s get rolling!

Starting with the sweetest girl ever–one of my best friends, Carrie, awarded me!!!! [she made them herself!]

I was her first follower, and she was soooo sweet to award me!!!

Explain why you became a follower. okay!
Link back to this blog. will do!
Award your first follower. of course!

I became a follower of Carrie’s blog because she is such an amazing friend of mine and I was so proud to encourage her to blog!

And I would like to award two of my first followers who are my AWESOME friends:




You two were the first of my followers, and I appreciate your friendship, following, and comments, SOOOO much!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!! All of my followers are, and I wish I could award you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

and a second award from Carrie!!!

Guess who this is going to….EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cuz you guys all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one doesn’t have any rules, just pass it on!!!

And, I am entering Elizabeth’s photo challenge: subject, flowers!

Also I am entering Emma Jane’s challenge at Designed to Inspire! Subject: your favorite outfit!

I love this shirt, and I wear these bermudas all the time! Also to match is a cute Hello Kitty belt, cute pink earrings, and my new flip-flops!

So let’s see…..anything else to do? Haha let’s see if you guys remember….





The Just Random Me linkup, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Being awarded by Carrie! [twice!!!!!]

2. Being asked to help out with the childcare at my church on Sunday!

3. MY CAMERA ARRIVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  MY NEW CAMERA ARRIVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. MY NEW RED COOL CAMERRRA ARRIVING TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Being asked and accepted as a sponsor by two lovely girls!!! [thank you thank you thank youuuuu!]

7. Going to the pool today with some of my buds!

8. Being asked to make a button for someone [one of my favorite things!!!]

9. Going around my yard taking snapshots of random stuff–lots of fun, and lots of cool pics!

10. Italian ice! [I got lemonade!]

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Me!!! [yeah, the “just random” one!]


lotzofluv, y’all!


[m.l. photoshoot]

A special post–a short teddy bear photoshoot!!! This is Macie Louise [ML], my gracious and wonderful model. And I love how these photos turned out! All were edited with PicMonkey.






Coffee cans, with flocked zebra paper and ribbons tied on. Yes, coffee cans.


One of these things is not like the others…….



This one was an aaaaammaaazzzziiiinnggg edit!!! I love the way it turned out!!!



Yep, same pic, three edits! [tell me which one you like the best!]


Hehe, this one’s just having fun. :)

Hope you liked your special post! :D  [and there may be more special stuff on the way if I get my act together…..we will see!]

Have a great one! And feel free to comment and tell me which one you like the best! :D [please do!]

Oh, and I’m entering this into Rachel’s photo contest! [she was so sweet to base it after a poem I wrote for her!]

[just bloggin’…]

Eh, just being random here. Hope you don’t mind.

Big surprises cooking up in [through my keyboard]….coming soon, very soon……I’m excited, and you should be too–it’s gonna be big!!!!!!!!!! And it will come very soon!!!!!!!

I want to ask y’all a question–do I post too much? I’m beginning to think posting once a day may be too much, and I would like your opinion on the subject, if you’re willing.

NEW POLLS!!!!!!! Go vote!!! –>—>—>—>—>

Went swimming yesterday. One word: COOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!!!! But it was fun.

there’s a key on my keyboard that fell off. Bummer.

At least it wasn’t a frequently used key.

So………….what have y’all been up to?!


[hey whats up?]

Just checkin’ in with a couple notices and some pictures.

Thank you guys so much for offering to be interviewed–I’m honored to interview anyone who asks! But–since I have a lot of people asking I may not be able to get to your interview until a couple weeks. But still keep asking, and I’ll put you down on the list!

Some notifications–don’t forget to enter the design contest [here]!

AAAAANNNNNNDDDDD….I promised a couple pictures, didn’t I?

This one above I’m entering into Natalie‘s photo contest! Go enter [here]!

And another picture…….

I will shock you. This one I ACCIDENTALLY took. My iPod was hanging out of my pocket and accidentally snapped this–but I’m glad it did–it’s an awesome picture, don’t you think? And the one above it–we were actually driving in the car and I was taking pictures and I snapped that one. I love it! Seems like all my good photography came by accident…. XP Have an awesome day, and don’t forget to go enter the challenges!

[kathryn’s writing challenge]

The challenge is to write a story from an animal’s point of view! So here is my entry.

(to be read in a meowy voice–make every O sound like an ow. It makes all the difference.)

[translated from cat to human, editing words in brackets] WHYYYYYYY!!!!! That annoying human forgot to changemy kitty litter again. And it’s stinky!! And she didn’t give me a treat. Oh well. So when I came in from outside today, and that stinking dog licked me all over. I had to groom for 2 whole minutes, and it was EXASPERATING. I just wanted to curl up in my kitty bed and sleep for a while! MeOW. [translated as meeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwweee]. And now that dratted hamster is running and running–its making my head spin!!!! I HATE living with all these pets. That snake especially–all that hissing and hissing and shaking it’s tail. I’m about to go kick it’s aquarium right now, to the best of my ability. [cats can’t kick] And that silly turtle–moving and crawling with nowhere to go other than the other side of the aquarium. I wish my servant [human] didn’t have so many pets….it’s so hard to be queen of pets that don’t respond!! All that turtle says when I tell him to do something is “ooooooooooohhhhhkkkkayyyyyyyyyy…….” The only loyal one is the dog–but all he says is “YES! YES! I WILL!! OMG IM SO EXCITEDDDDD!! [arf arf]”. It’s annoying. [cat stretches] Now leave me alone; you’ve heard my life story and now I want to sleep.

[photo contest winner]

Thank you ALL who entered my photo contest–lovely photos, and I enjoyed the creativity! It’s amazing how God’s love is everywhere, and if we just look He shows us He’s there. :D But back to my subject…..we. have. an. awesome. winner. And the winner is………………..wait for it…………………………………….

BRITT, YOU HAVE WON THE NATURAL HEARTS PHOTO CHALLENGE!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Here is a button you can put on your blog to show the world you won! Congratulations again!

And thank you everyone who entered…….I really appreciate all of your entries and comments…….you guys rock!!

[we’re at 10 followers…you know what that means]

YAYYYYYY!!! 10 FOLLOWERS!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! I am so excited–thank you ALL who helped me to get here, to our first giveaway! And for the giveaway we have…..drumroll please…..an AWESOME header made by Godsgirlz1!!!!! She willingly made an amazing header for someone to win………

So many people have elaborate entries for giveaways when you follow and get a certain number of entries, and so on, but all you have to do for this one is simply be a follower, and comment that you want to enter the giveaway drawing. I will probably put all the names in a hat (or something like that) and draw out a name…..and you have all rights to this colorful header Godsgirlz1 will personalize for you!! If you wish to be included in the contest comment below, and your name is in! And if you aren’t a follower but wish to be included in this giveaway all you have to do is follow, comment that you want to enter, and bingo! you’re in.

You have 5 days to enter the giveaway……comment below! Can’t wait to see who the winner will be of our FIRST 5 follower giveaway!

And also, voting for my photo contest ends at 9:00!!!!! Sometime afterwards the winner will be posted–stay tuned!