[just random me #10]

A Just Random Me linkup, another linkup, and a coupla photo challenges! And guess what’s happening tomorrow…………… [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. that the GIVEAWAY is ending TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Chatting with wonderful friends!


4. Being random. Like the quote above.

5. Using PicMonkey to help me memorize stuff! LOL

6. Classical music, and thinking of this lovely lady when I hear the Moonlight Sonata. Love ya girl! :D

7. New emails!!

8. Being asked to be a sponsor for a bunch of people! It’s always fun for me!!!

9. Having a song you once sung to come on shuffle and yelling it out because no one else is listening [hehehehehe]

10. Hearing Tchaikovsky come on when I’m listening to Classical music on shuffle. LOVE!

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And we also have Britt’s Q & A linkup!!

Here are the questions….

1. What is your favorite Bible story? That’s a hard one, but one that I like is the story of Mary and Martha!
2. What colors are your room? My walls are a teal color, with accents of lime green, purple, and zebra–maybe someday I will show pictures!
3. What is your favorite meal? (lunch, breakfast, dinner?) I don’t know. That’s hard! ………….Probably lunch.
4. What is/was your favorite subject in school? Well I LOVE to read!!!
5. Are you a shy or outgoing person? Well I can be very outgoing with friends but can be a bit shy with people I don’t know or don’t know well.
6. Are you a more reserved or expressive person? I don’t know. I guess it depends.
7. How many brothers and sisters would you like to have? Well I think it would be cool to have an older sister, or a younger sister to take care of!

Go link up here! It’s always so fun to link up with Britt! :D


[doncha love that button? :D ]

Entering here, into Carrie’s photo contest! You take a picture associated with your favorite verse! I put mine actually on the photo. :)

You should go and check out her blog and enter–she’s such an awesome girl, and one of my awesome friends!!! Be sure to go soon, it ends tomorrow!! :D

PS this is the lovely rose that I convinced my lovely mom to buy a couple years ago, because its smell is HEAVENLY! It’s called “Tranquility” and the name perfectly fits!

Entering at Elizabeth’s blog, one of my newest blogger friends! Subject: anything you like! :D

Don’t you ADORE the bokeh in this photo! I love it! You should check out Elizabeth’s post and enter into her challenge! PS: they are my grandma’s flowers! :D

PSS: sorry this photo didn’t come until I added it, I had thought it was in the post but it turns out not. :( But here it is now! Sorry!


[linkups, linkups, evvvverrryyywhere!!!]

First off, a notice–IF YOU FOLLOW BY YOUR BLOGGER DASHBOARD, COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW SO I CAN COUNT YOU AS A FOLLOWER!!!!!!!!!!! AKA Chasity, Emma, ????????????????????? Because I have no way of seeing that you follow unless I go and look at your profile(s) and that’s a lot of work for me! And if I have a giveaway I want you included!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you follow by your dash, please tell me!

And now to our original program.

First, I’m linking up over at Britt’s! Here’s her post if you want to link up [scroll to bottom of post], and here are the rules!

1. Only one entry/photo per person
2. Include a link back to [Britt’s] blog on your post
3. Include the button above, for the challenge/linkup on your post
4. Only clean images with no curse words can be entered.
5. Images can be from any website or you can also make your own.
6. Include the rules on your post
And here is my entry!
Yes, I made it! :D Saw this quote and wanted to make a button! And I found some other good quotes that I will post later!
And our JRM linkup:
[by the way, no offense, but the full name of the linkup is “Just Random Me”, just to let y’all know. and get it off my chest. no offense. just remember the just.]
10 things that made me happy this week:
1. The awesome color filter function on my camera! [again, THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!]
[as i said i’m not completely sure of the number cuz of y’all who follow by blogger dash.
3. Swimming–it was so nice today!
4. Spray/leave in condtioner. [love it….]
5. Helping TeenFaith777 out with her blog!
6. Being a sponsor in Britt’s giveaway! I am so excited!
[see link on sidebar]
7. New buttons AND signatures on my Personalize page! [go check them out!]
And even more on the way!
8. So many linkup-ers! I love it!
9. New books! [about to dig in to them!]
10. My puppy. I love her. [sigh]
Linkup by commenting with the link to your post!!
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ME! [of course]
And that’s all folks!
Remember, if you follow by blogger dash PLEASE comment to let me know so I can count you as a follower and include you in stuff.
[like maybe giveaways. i don’t know.]

[another packed post!]

Buncha stuffs to do! So let’s get rolling!

Starting with the sweetest girl ever–one of my best friends, Carrie, awarded me!!!! [she made them herself!]

I was her first follower, and she was soooo sweet to award me!!!

Explain why you became a follower. okay!
Link back to this blog. will do!
Award your first follower. of course!

I became a follower of Carrie’s blog because she is such an amazing friend of mine and I was so proud to encourage her to blog!

And I would like to award two of my first followers who are my AWESOME friends:




You two were the first of my followers, and I appreciate your friendship, following, and comments, SOOOO much!!! You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!! All of my followers are, and I wish I could award you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

and a second award from Carrie!!!

Guess who this is going to….EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!! ALL OF MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cuz you guys all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one doesn’t have any rules, just pass it on!!!

And, I am entering Elizabeth’s photo challenge: subject, flowers!

Also I am entering Emma Jane’s challenge at Designed to Inspire! Subject: your favorite outfit!

I love this shirt, and I wear these bermudas all the time! Also to match is a cute Hello Kitty belt, cute pink earrings, and my new flip-flops!

So let’s see…..anything else to do? Haha let’s see if you guys remember….





The Just Random Me linkup, of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Being awarded by Carrie! [twice!!!!!]

2. Being asked to help out with the childcare at my church on Sunday!

3. MY CAMERA ARRIVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4.  MY NEW CAMERA ARRIVING TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. MY NEW RED COOL CAMERRRA ARRIVING TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Being asked and accepted as a sponsor by two lovely girls!!! [thank you thank you thank youuuuu!]

7. Going to the pool today with some of my buds!

8. Being asked to make a button for someone [one of my favorite things!!!]

9. Going around my yard taking snapshots of random stuff–lots of fun, and lots of cool pics!

10. Italian ice! [I got lemonade!]

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Me!!! [yeah, the “just random” one!]


lotzofluv, y’all!




anyone who was in my pilates class last night understands what I mean.


Linking up [here]!

Britt had this awesome idea and linkup, so I’m joining! If you want to join, click on the button to see the link! :D

1. Only one entry/photo per person
2. Include a link back to my blog on your post
3. Include the button for the challenge/linkup
4. Only clean images with no curse words can be entered.
5. Images can be from any website or you can also make your own.
6. Include the rules on your post
And here is my photo! I found it on another girl’s blog a while ago.
Isn’t this so inspiring? Hope you liked it! And be sure to go and link up!!!
lotzofluv, and hopefully a real post soon! ~H

[tons going on!!!]

Tons of cool stuff packed into one post! Here we go!

First, today is Teddy’s Cause Awareness Day!!! [cheers, applause] This is an event where we try to get the word out about Teddy’s Cause, a ministry to give teddy bears to those who need them. So I suggest you take this button, and put it on the top of your blog’s sidebar with a link to Teddy’s Cause to try and spread the awareness about it!

Next, today is also a double-linkup day! First we have the Just Random Me linkup!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Teddy’s Cause Awareness Day!

2. Making MILLIONS of personalized buttons–it’s so fun! Go to the [personalize] page to check them out!

3. Tons of fireworks last night!

4. Tons of SPARKLERS last night!!!

5. Strawberry pie–mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

6. Listening to a new TobyMac song for the first time!

7. My sweet friend Britt, and all of her lovely comments about me and my blog….

8. A new wallet that my mom bought me–it’s so adorable!!!

9. A cute new pillow that completely matches my room and decor!

I know, isn’t it cute?

10. Being a blogger. :D

If you’d like to link up and post about 10 things that made you happy this week, leave me a comment that you’re linking up with your post! :D

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Now, the second–Britt’s Q&A Linkup!!! See her post and how to link up [here]!

This week’s questions:

What is your favorite Bible verse?

I have two!

“Charm can be decieving, and beauty fades away, but the woman who honors the Lord deserves to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, shall guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 6-7

Can you speak a different language?

No, sadly. Well, not fluently. I’ve been learning Spanish my whole life, so I know a lot of that. And, of course, I know a few random words in French [bonjour! un, deux, trois, quatre, sank…] , Japanese, [konichiwa! arigato gosaimas! (I forget what it means, but that’s how its pronounced)] German [nein, sprechen se doitch?] and a little bit in ASL (american sign language) [signs “Hello!”] But Spanish I know most of. :)

If you could meet a few bloggers in real life who would they be?
Definitely Britt, and Godsgirlz1, and all of my blogger friends [I love you all!!!] Wouldn’t it be fun to get every single blogger friend together someday? :D I love you all, and I know I will meet you all in Heaven!!! [hope they have blogs in Heaven! LOL]
What is your favorite type of cookie?
Fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. No doubt. [I hear you going “Mmmmmm……”
What is the one fruit of the spirit you have experienced most in your life?
Probably love. I am loved so much by my family and friends; God has blessed me with lots of love, and love is probably the best fruit of the spirit that I give away! I love to give away love to people; I guess that’s what God made me to do. :D
What are two colors you hate together?
Good one. Let’s see….hmmmm…..too hard to think of on the spot! :P
Do you have a favorite tree?
My favorite tree is a tree I can climb in!!! :P Other than that, I really like weeping willow trees; they are so pretty and enchanting. I’d love to go and just play around in the branches!
Great linkup, Britt! And again, if you would like to link up with this awesome girl and her awesome linkup, click the link at the top! :D
One more thing before I go….y’all have seen that button in the “notice” box of my sidebar?

Well, one of my newest blogger friends, Chasity, needs only 3 more followers to 50!! Can you believe that? And when we get to 50 she can have a giveaway! Isn’t that fantastic? So if you have a blogger account I say you click on the button, check out her blog, and maybe follow! [she’s such a wonderful blogger, she deserves it!]

And that’s it, folks! Thanks for bearing up with this long post! And be sure to join Teddy’s Cause Awareness Day, and the two linkups, and to check out Chasity!!!

[q&a linkup with britt]

I’m linking up with Britt!!! Go see her linkup post [here]; I’m sure she would love if you joined!!!

The beautiful linkup button–isn’t it awesome? She does such a good job. :D

Here are the linkup questions, and my answers:

What is your favorite color? Hard…..probably a teal color, like the color of my theme! :D
What is your favorite season? Winter. I love snow! And part of winter is the coolness of spring even though technically it’s still winter. I love it!!!!
Do you have a favorite sport? (soccer, badminton, ice skating, volleyball, tennis, swimming…) Ummmmmm…..does dancing count??? :P
Do you have any hobbies? Well, I don’t exactly know….but I love to read, dance, blog, and probably tons of other things I can’ t think of. :)
Do you know what you would like to become when you are older? That’s a hard question for me….some options are maybe a dance choreographer, a teacher [maybe], a vet, a photographer….I don’t know.
Where would be one place you would love to visit? One place? I don’t know……I would LOVE to meet some of my blogger friends in person, especially Britt and Godsgirlz1….they are such great friends, and I would love to meet them someday in person!!!!!!!!!!! And I know I’ll meet them in Heaven, but I’m a bit impatient…. :P
Have you ever been to any other countries? No. I love home!!!
Have you ever been scuba diving? Um, no….
Have you ever lost someone you love? Yes, there was a man at our church that we were such good friends with, but he died of a stroke or heart attack…..it was so sad, and he was such a special friend….but I know I’ll meet him in Heaven someday. :)
Thanks, Britt, for having this linkup and for letting me join, and I know I’ll join again!!! If you would like to join Britt in her linkup, simply go to the post [here] and add your link!! :D Thanks again, Britt!

[just random me #5]

Sorry it’s a day late, folks!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. The mini blogger awards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Helping out with the VBS at my church!

3. One of my best friends getting a new Google+ account, so now I can chat with her!!!

4. Making buttons for TeenFaith777!

5. [brackets!!!!!!]

6. Making a craft how-to for you all that will be posted soon!!!!!!

7. Popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. thinking up 7 things I’m happy about really quickly!!!! [not normal!]

9. A new floor lamp for my room!!! [my old one broke (??????), so we went looking for a new one and found one that EXACTLY matched my room!!!!! I’m pumped!!!]

10. Cute side braids!

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Oh, and while I’m at it, I was awarded by Ruby and Rachel!!!!! Thank you so much, girls!!!

1. Award 5 people. [look below!]

2. Write who awarded you. [check!]

3. Tell the people you awarded them. [will do!]

4. Always put the picture above on the post. [check!]

5. Always show the rules. [check!]

I’m gonna mix it up a bit today. [oooooooooooooooooooooooo!]

I award:

Designed to Inspire!!!

The Story Blog!!!

A Home Beyond the River!!!

Heart Strings!!!


Congrats everyboddeeeee! And sorry for the overload on awards; I just get back from doing 9 posts of them and then I get awarded! I PROMISE to take a break. :P

[just random me #4]

Just a quicky post. :) Just Random Me linkup!!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Songwriting….. :D

2. Emailing with Britt–so much fun!

3. Big surprises in store!!! [really happy ’bout that!]

4.When people voted on my polls

5. Chatting with friends

6. Cleaning out my closet (yeah, it can be fun!)

7. A pretty little bracelet I dug out of my jewelry holders (while cleaning out aforementioned closet!)

8. A calla-lily in our yard–pictures to come!!!

9. Meeting Chasity!

10. Sleepovers!!!



The AMAZING Britt!!!

The CREATIVE Ruby!!!

[just random me #3]

Another Just Random Me linkup!!!

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. Chatting with Britt–so much fun!!!

2. Doing tons of new interviews and guest-posts! Go see one [here]!!!

3. Ruby making an AWESOME Red Panda button for me!!!!

Red Panda button

You can have her make one for you with your favorite animal!!! Simply go to her blog!

4. ALSO winning a Grammar challenge at Ruby’s blog!!!!

Click [here] to see the winning post!!!

5. Going to the pool for the first time this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Narnia on Radio-Theatre!!!!!

7. Watching How To Train Your Dragon three times in four days…..great movie!!! [toothless is so CUTE!!!]

8. An open-face provolone and turkey sandwich toasted till the cheese is completely melted……yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! [sorry if I’m tempting you….]

9. Comfy shorts!

10. Coca-cola slushies…..

[why do I seem to be talking about food today??! well, probably because my stomach is growling so loud you can hear it in Japan….]

Want to link up? Comment with your post!! See all of the Just-Random-Me posts [here].

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[just random me #2]

About time for another Just Random Me post, eh?

10 things that made me happy this week:

1. A new hat!!

2. An interview (coming soon!)

3. My friend FINALLY posting a post!

4. Seeing a new Jane Austen movie (not really new, but new for me)

5. Painting birdhouses (I can upload pics if you guys want–one is really pretty!)

6. A new crafting idea

7. Adventures in Odyssey (TONS of that lately!)

8. New pages (go check ’em out!)

9. New jammy pants!!! (they are SO awesome….)

10.  My kids’ church band performing in the Sanctuary on Sunday……….pray for me, I have to lead a song!!

Want to link up? Comment and grab the button!

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Ruby!!!! (AND she wrote the sweetest post about me too!)